Cutting your hair can help it grow

For most people, the thought of cutting their hair scares them because they believe the stylist is going to chop off all of their hair. But a little-known fact is that every time you cut your split ends, it allows your hair to grow. The longer you wait to cut your hair, the more damage is going to occur, and the more you're going to have to cut off. For people with relaxed hair, it is recommended that you get your hair trimmed every time you get it relaxed. For natural hair, it is recommended to get it trimmed every 4 - 6  weeks.


Also, having a good treatment will help your hair grow as well. We recommend our Moroccan Oil Treatment. You can help your hair become nourished and grow strong and healthy. We offer free consultations, so if you aren't sure if you need a cut, or you just don't know what the next steps should be, come visit today and let us advise you.

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